May 20, 2012


I got Jamie Oliver's Meals in Minutes for Mother's Day (the library copy is back now, so you can check it out), and below you can see my first try. This is a great/different book because the idea is to cook a whole dinner and have all the dishes ready at the same time -- something I've never been good at making happen.

This book is made for people who don't think they know how, or have the time, to cook, but it works for people who already know how and love to cook too. One thing: I'm really glad I knew how to size these down for 1-2 people; if you don't, you'll be stuck with a ton of food. I also don't feel the need to get these done in the 30 minutes promised, since cooking is the best part of my day, but the steps are laid out really nicely, especially for kids and teens who might be helping. Plus, some of us got a little distracted by Danno, who also showed up for Mother's Day.